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art-by-novik - Yellow in Red canvas print on Traditional Stretched Canvas (original: 14" X 11") -

Yellow in Red canvas print on Traditional Stretched Canvas (original: 14" X 11")

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Novik on painting sunflowers: 

I love to paint sunflowers. 
They are so bright and simple and symbolic. 
The movement of the sunflowers is so unusual - they have different pulls and movement, like they are alive. 
They are together,  they are talking to each other.
A field of sunflower is always alive a very alive place.
They are talking flowers. 
Very energetic.
The sun is very important for all our life.
I love being connected with the sun.
They are bright.
They are really children of the sun.
He represents his children growing on the fields and giving us lots of energy.
They have always inspired me. 
One of my first subjects here was sunflower.
Thy are a very spiritual subject to paint.
They have eyes, lots of eyes and are looking to the people.
This is a very unusual thing among the flowers. 
Very symbolic.
They have so many faces. So many things they can say to never ends.
They are moving
When you see them blowing in the wind in the field, they are moving like that.
Like they have hands and they are sometimes looking up, down, on the side and you see their life.
I can paint sunflowers a thousand times and they will always be secret and magical for me.


Novik art_by_Novik. Original paintings and beautiful prints. Abstract, abstract expressionism. Bright bold colors.  Venice Beach, Los Angeles, Southern California

The original painting is 14" X 11".  Prints are available at full size.  Select a frame thickness of .75" or 1.5".  A hanging canvas and rolled canvas are other available options you can select.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards so that our customers can 
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Each custom canvas print is:

  • Printed with UV-protected latex inks.
  • Museum-Grade Canvas (390 grams / square meter poly-cotton fabric).
  • Printed on a specially-coated, archival-grade, poly-cotton canvas.
  • Every print comes with free lamination which makes it more vibrant, lengthens its life and protects it from fingerprints, smudges and pollution.
  • Handcrafted, 100% pinewood frames sourced from sustainable forests.
  • Prints arrive ready-to-hang with pre-installed sawtooth hanger/s.
  • Every print has reinforced backing so they are guaranteed never to sag.


High-end Giclee Prints

In addition to the standard stretched canvas prints, I have contracted with a local printer to offer a high-end, exquisite 8-color Giclee print on archival canvas.  Details here.

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If you are interested in a print on a different medium (e.g. Giclee on art paper, metal, wood, framed, etc.) ask me: contact Novik