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This is a photo of Novik at Venice Beach.  He is seated with several of his abstract paintings of the era in the background. canvas prints. Wall art. canvas wall art. canvas painting.

Novik at Venice Beach back in the day

Art by Novik Gallery

Novik Higher than our knowledge 48x48 abstract painting. canvas prints. Wall art. canvas wall art. canvas painting. abstract wall art. abstract canvas art. abstract art prints.
Novik Children of the Sun Expressionism painting sunflower masterpiece 48x48 canvas prints. Wall art. canvas wall art. canvas painting.

Art by Novik - Los Angeles Artist - Fine Art and Fine Art Prints for sale

Novik is known for his use of bold colors, bright colors on canvas.  Novik paints primarily with acrylic on canvas. His work is Expressionism and Abstract Expressionism and Surrealism.  He is particularly known for his sunflower painting, colorful abstract art, sunset painting, abstract painting, religious painting, masks, water painting, ocean painting and icons.

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